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Wolf Light (2/?)

Title: Wolf Light
Genre: Horror/ Romance
Word Count: 3545
Rating: R
Summary: Her mission was to show him that evil was still out there... and then she messed up. She fell in love.

ZZ Top blared from the speakers. This ex-hunter had an amazing tape collection: AC/DC, Aerosmith, Motorhead, Metallica, Kansas, Boston, Chicago, Grand Funk Railroad and any other classic rock band or hair band clogged up his glove compartment. Amazing. All the music Aries loved was in one place. Of course she would have to introduce him to Black Tide, which was a new band that sounded like a cross between Motley Crue and any other one of these old groups. It looked like this would not be such a pain after all. Oh, and the Judas Priest cassette Aries had kept in her pocket just in case? It would be coming in handy after all tonight. That cassette was too much fun to make out to. Hey, for a guy like this she had to play the part well especially since Dean was more for ‘sex on the first date’ then ‘let’s wait until we’re happily married’.

Aries grinned. They both belted out lyrics to the songs. Tree after tree and road after road passed while Dean sped through the night. This car was still in great condition, even after all these years. It really said something about a man when he would take such great care of his car. Just like Aries’ T-Bird had been her older sister’s baby, this was Dean’s, and she could understand why he loved it so much. This metal thing was like a second home. Aries smiled. That was what happened to a hunter. They learned to depend on the simplest entities.

“All you kids from Texas, you grow so big and tall. All of them kids from Texas, they grow so big and tall. All of them like to roam in that T-Bird hall,” both of them belted, practically yelling the lyrics out of the open windows. Wind whipped through Aries’ hair, sending it sailing all over the place. For the first time in a long time she was actually having fun, which was amazing. Joyful occasions never came in her job description. Already she felt bad for lying to this guy. Her heart sunk into her stomach for the first time on this mission. Dean lost his brother and everyone else he had ever had and then he would lose her once her plan was done with. For a split second Aries looked downward. She was ashamed. The girl would fall apart if anyone ever did this for her. Still, the job was tough. She blinked her eyes back to Dean and placed a faux smile on her face, making an attempt to have a happy moment again. “Get hi-hi-high. Really makes you feel so fine, really goes down so smooth, really puts you in the groove. Have you heard? What’s the word? It’s Thunderbird.”

Dean grinned at her. This penetrated Aries’ soul. He was so nice. Sure, different then she had imagined him, which was probably because he had pushed away every thought of the articles in life he had lost. They had a connection. She knew exactly how he felt. Obviously she could do nothing about it because as a hunter she must do what she had to, but if she could she would- if she had a choice. There was no alternate ending, though. Aries would make Dean trust her. Then she would tell him all and help him get ready for the upcoming battles, since he clearly necessitated it. Just as long as she did not have to sleep with him, she would be fine.

Dean swung the car to the left. A long bumpy road followed, and Aries added bumpy sound effects to it with a smile. Trees closed in on them. They lined up to show one long narrow passage, which was just wide enough to let the Impala through. The car glided up this steep slope. After a few minutes more of music and the wind beating into Aries’ ears, they came to a clearing. It was a large field with dewy green grass that stood up proudly from the ground. Dean had done everything perfectly. Aries had seen the picnic basket in the back with a nice quilt underneath (one that still had the price tag on it, meaning Dean must have just bought it that day). Singing along to the music was amazing. There was also a good six-pack of Corona beer in the back that Aries could smell and longed for. It had been so long since she could just sit back and ignore the world. This guy knew how to treat a girl.

Dean snatched the blanket from the back. He pulled it through the front and got out. A nice patch of grass in front of the Impala was now covered with the blanket, which Dean had knelt down to straighten out the edges of. Aries eyed his butt. Now if she liked men she might have a little more fun with this because Dean was pretty attractive, even with ten pounds over his belt. If Aries had to pretend she might as well do a good job doing so. Aries slammed the car door behind her. Music could still be heard from the inside of the car. Open windows could be glorious things. She collapsed down on the blanket next to him with a smile. This was amazing. He was amazing. Thoughts crossed her mind and she could not guess what they were. Dean grinned at her and left her looking up at the stars above. Returning with a picnic basket, he began to lie out all the foods along with the beer, including pie.

“Is that apple pie?” Aries inquired with her eyes almost popping out of her head. She had already started salivating. That apple-shaped sticker caught her eye and she grinned. Yes, it was apple pie. The most delicious baked food item of all time was right before her. What was better was it was Dutch apple pie. Brown sugar topping called to her to eat it and savor every bite. Dean was incredible. “Forks?”

“Whoa, slow down tiger,” Dean chuckled, reaching over to the basket and pulling out a box of plastic forks.

Best. Date. Ever. Well, fake date that is. Aries pulled one of the forks out of the box. Dean opened the plastic case. He eyed her, inviting her just to dig into the pie. Apparently he had not brought plates. No that could not be, for there were stacks of paper plates stacked neatly by his side. Whatever it was it allowed Aries to be herself. In an undercover case that was what she needed most. Her amber eyes met his green ones and for a second she felt different. Aries felt human. With forks in hand, both began to eat desert first.

A noise interrupted Aries’ thoughts. It sounded like a car. As her eyes moved toward the sound, she almost dropped the bite of pie back into the tray. The automobile was an old Cadillac, probably a seventies make, and the color green below all the rust. Aries saw that car before. It haunted her dreams occasionally. Her face fell and her eyebrows furrowed. Already the memories from the previous night flooded back. That coven had killed Sadie and Jack- her only two friends, dead in a matter of seconds. She watched them die. It had been her fault. If only Aries had gone alone like she wanted to, then they would be alive. Perhaps if she were a better hunter then Aries could have protected them, saved them from what had happened. Two fingers appeared in front of her face and they snapped a few times, instantly knocking her out of guilty contemplations that still lingered in her psyche.

“Hey, look at me,” Dean stated in a firm low voice. The girl’s gazed shifted towards him as an alternative to the car. Another lie would have to do. That was all she ever could do now- lie. It sickened her to have to trick her childhood hero, but if she did not the case would be a bust. If it were not a case she could. Dean swallowed. His own green eyes shifted toward the car, as if pleading for an answer. “Somethin’ wrong? Should we go?”

“No, no, I’m fine,” Aries replied, faking a smile.

“Never seen someone fine act like that toward a car.”

Aries kept the smile on her face until Dean turned away. Her look shot toward the Cadillac. They were after her. God, not now… any time but now. She took a deep breath and stood from the ground. Ignoring Dean, the girl walked towards the woods, ready to tell him she just had to go to the bathroom. As was expected, a girl with straight black hair that ran to her butt got out of the car, making an attempt to follow Aries swiftly. At least it appeared that way. Of course, the coven most likely wanted Aries to know they were after her.

The girl ducked into a patch of bushes. She could just make out Dean looking around for her before he took a bite of pie. An apple was leftover on his lip. With a fat pink tongue he licked it off. Aries really wanted pie. Hands reached around her neck. Pretending to watch Dean eat the pie was exactly the look the hunter had had to give. Her stomach grumbled. The vampire pulled Aries into her, opening its mouth wide enough to fit around her neck. With a slip of the hand, Aries pulled out her knife and got out of the headlock, clutching onto the girl’s wrist vehemently. Flipping the vampire over onto her back, Aries sat atop her. That coven sent out one hell of a weak vampire. Aries simply slid the knife through the creature’s neck without a flinch. Years of this had made her immune to blood or to any of this violence, just because she had to be. Standing over the body, she spit on it. How dare she interrupt her d-

And then another one was on her. It fell from above, like a bat sweeping out of a cave. In a matter of seconds Aries was on the ground, looking up at the thing and its thirsty eyes that eagerly glowed in the dark. She headbutt the thing. Not a flinch. The vampire grabbed her head in its hands. He was readying to snap her neck to the side. Aries just kept struggling, although there was no way she could get out of it this way. A pale fist met her nose, sending blood gushing from her nostrils and making her blind for a moment, letting stars twinkle in front of her face when she opened them again. Wait for it… He lifted her head, causing a space in time where Aries could throw him back with her legs. Jumping back up, she took her knife. Stabbing him through the heart took the vampire off guard. He sneered before Aries sent a crescent kick at his face, which flipped him over to the side. Again, it was an easy killing. Aries crouched down, slicing his head off his shoulders.

Aries went back to Dean shaking. Her knife was back in the woods along with vampire bodies. She would have to go get it the next day so that no one found it, as well as get rid of the bodies to the cops would not freak. The last thing she needed was an investigation on her tail. She wiped blood away from her nose with her arm. There was no way going to the bathroom would cover what had happened to her. She looked down and clenched her bleeding nostrils together, no matter how much it hurt from the broken bone she also had to pinch.

Dean turned his head up toward her. She could see his brow furrow and those beautiful green eyes turn from happy to worried in a split second. Surprisingly, it hurt her to see him this way. Dropping to her knees, Aries tried to come up with a better lie, but nothing could come to mind. This had never occurred before. There was never a time undercover where she could not come up with a lie or improvise. She did not want to lie to him. That was the last thing Aries would ever want, although that was what this was based around- lying. Telling tall tales was a talent.

“Did those people-”

“Can we just go?” Aries pleaded, not only with her words, but also with her facial expression. She put her whole self into this so that nothing would stop him from believing her. Hopefully the begging would get to him. She also had to learn what happened to Sam so that she knew what the hunters would be dealing with. Information was difficult to come across nowadays. Dean showed a look of determination, but Aries knew that if he went up against the vampires he would easily die. Fighting had not been something he had done in a long time, so she acknowledged the situation would end with blood- his blood- if he took action. “Please?”

Dean nodded. Aries got up from her spot on the ground and strode to the car. A limp was added to her walk because of her ankle that she needed to get taken care of. The girl climbed into the car, strapping the belt across her waist and just waiting for Dean to get in so that the two could get as far away as possible. He seemed to just think for a moment. Two eyebrows were brought together and he turned his head toward the Cadillac. Inside Aries begged for him to get into the car. Not yet. Not now. Irrevocably, he took the blanket from the ground, packing up all the junk. Her head dropped back on the seat, trying to fight the tears that were threatening to come. And this was what it was like to lie. Dean flipped his seat forward to place the stuff in the back, and then he entered the front of the car. Aries swallowed the lump in her throat. She hated this job.

He turned the key in the ignition, starting up the car. Clearly he was scared for her. Aries was the first chick he had dated in a long time and now she was a freak. At least he acted like a loon. Dean would not be calling her again, which meant Aries had failed. The car drifted down the bumpy road. His tape had ended. Now there was just the sound of empty fuzz.

“You probably think I’m insane,” Aries breathed out a laugh. She wiped blood from the opened gash on her forehead. Crimson flowed freely now. There was nothing to hold the thick fluid in place besides her hand over a piece of T-Shirt she just ripped off. It exposed her abdominals. Dean glanced at her thin stomach and line from the abs she took good care of, feeling slightly uncomfortable for the first time that night. Which was weird, because he knew things should be stranger than this. He should be freaking out and think her crazy, but he did not- probably from after being a hunter for so long he understood her. Her eyes drifted down, and then toward the window. She looked away from him. It was then that the thought that maybe all the evil was not gone from the world, and that maybe it was just hiding from him. Aries’ voice was low. A sad tune rang through it. “Please, just take me home.”

“We’re gonna get those wounds fixed up first. Looks like you took a trip in a blender,” Dean replied with the hint of a smile behind his lips.

Aries was surprised. Perhaps it represented itself on her face, she did not know. But there was a gleam in the man’s eye that showed that he had just caught a gem- a precious one- and would have a hard time letting it go. The girl brought memories back from his past. Most of them were of horrid times, but others were of decent pleasures, like when he and Sammy went and wasted the bad guys.

The road was now smooth ahead of them. Their faux date was cut short, but there was still pie in the back. Aries would most likely be chewing through the pain of him pulling sticks out of open gashes, just to get her mind off of it. Hopefully he still remembered how to stitch up a wound. Aries thought he knew how she felt about hospitals, which was that they were scary and too clean to actually be as cleanly as they were supposed to be. After what seemed like decent minutes, they pulled up to a small apartment building. It was built with bricks that moss had decided to grow out of. Falling over was a great possibility for this structure, as it appeared to sway in the wind. No, this definitely was not a hospital. Looks like Dean still had ideas up his sleeve of how the hell to patch up wounds. It was a good thing too, because a lot of these wounds would be unaccounted for, or doctors would be unable to identify.

Dean slammed the door behind him. He snapped Aries out of her contemplations about the case, and when exactly Dean would catch on- or if he would at all. The man opened the door from the other side. His gaze was expectant. What a kindly gentleman. Well, almost gentleman. Aries pressed the button that released the seatbelt, and he picked her up, carrying her up into the building.

“Y’know, you don’t have to do this… you could’ve just taken me home,” Aries replied, her legs dangling over his right arm.

He steadied her in his arms. She could tell he was straining. A mere one hundred twenty pounds on the man and he was tired. Her hand rested around his neck. It cupped the skin, holding on in case he dropped her. Dean eyed her. Of course, this was a team effort. Aries slid her hand into his back pocket, sensually if could be added, and pulled his house key back out. She slipped it into the door, watching it creak open before she had pushed it. That was the problem with these old places- they always made the best horror movies. Dean stepped inside, almost dropping her. His blushing ears were burning bright red, yet he quickly made it to the couch, dropping her down on the fabric. Panting eradicated from his chest.

“Sorry… I ah… I’m no Superman,” Dean said quietly.

His eyes did not contact hers. With a head turned down to the floor, he quickly strode out of the door, trying to catch his breath. Dammit. He was ashamed of himself. That was the last thing Aries wanted to happen. Not because it was bad for the case, but because she did not wish him to feel like that. She knew what it was like to be ashamed of one’s self, and she felt it each day with how she betrayed the family name. Her sisters were dead and she still blamed herself. Shame was now a part of her own name. Shame was no part of Dean’s name- he was a hero and whether he believed it or not, just because ten years passed by and one has no knowledge of what is really occurring, does not mean one halts their title of hero. That was why her heart had sunk into her stomach when he practically sped out of the front door. Humility was something they could both say they shared.

When Dean returned five minutes later caring the picnic basket and the other items he had set up at their shortly ending date, Aries was still sitting in the same spot. With one glance at her his ears were red again. She sat there, proud of him even though he had almost let her descend to the ground when his arms were giving out. Except Aries recognized it as being more than that. He was most likely confused, she noted. The reason why he was confused? Perhaps because Aries had a deep pride in herself that men found intimidating, or maybe since he was deeply attracted to her and questioned why she desired a man like him. God, it would tear his heart when he found out this was all pretend. But there was not a way she could fake it forever, and she knew once he figured out all by himself about the supernatural that she would be the one to tell him how faux this all was. Until then, Spider would have to suck it up that he did not have his rag doll. Even though she paid him with sex for the reason that she had no money to rent his penthouse like the rest of the hunters had scraped up through everyday life, nothing could slip.

Dean placed a large piece of pie in front of Aries, muttering, “Chew on that when I clean the wounds up.”

A smile ghosted his lips. For the first time since her mother passed away, Aries actually felt wanted and loved. It was a feeling she needed. The smile disappeared, though, once Dean applied the disinfectant.



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